Starting at CA$27,900

  • Single Glass Wall
  • Optional Configurable Case Goods Wall (options include folding table and chairs, fireplace, drawers, storage cabinets and shelves)
  • Optional Wall Bed
  • Dimensions: 9'-6"W x 11'-2"D x 10'-7"H

2/3rd Add-On Kit

Add CA$9,900

Add CA$9,900

  • Bunkie owners in the U.S. can add an extra 70 sq.ft. (approximately 2/3rds of a Bunkie)
  • Perfect size for a bathroom, additional storage or just some plain elbow room
  • The Add-on kit measurements take into consideration the new "U.S no building permit" limit of 200 sq.ft. -  such that the square footage of a Bunkie model plus an add-on kit still falls under the limit
  • For other jurisdictions (Canada, Europe, other) we can build pre-fabricated stick-frame modules to create larger versions of the Bunkie that require a permit

Partition Wall Add-On Kit

Add CA$1,500

If you purchase a Bunkie with one of our add-on kits (see above), a partition wal provides fully separated space for a toilet / kitchen / shower / etc.

This floor to ceiling partition is cladded in our beautiful maple veneer face plywood. Sliding pocket doors of 32" to 36" slide in and out of the 4.5" wall. This wall applies only to our MONARCH, VOS and HURON models.