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Evan Bare

Evan is an accomplished designer and works with some of the top office, healthcare and residential furniture companies in Canada. For many years he has developed products across the spectrum of industrial design. A desire to bring furniture production methods to an architecture scale, led him to create a digital structure that would later become The Bunkie.

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Jim Moore

Jim has a varied background in furniture manufacturing and distribution. His role is to oversee the operational requirements of the company and business development. Jim is passionate about healthy living and connects with nature through hiking, windsurfing and snowshoeing.

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Jorge Torres

Jorge is as skilled a craftsman as he is a designer. Jorge's first introduction to craft was at a young age in a renowned model ship building firm in his native Ecuador. His attention to fine detail is seen throughout his interests including rendering, architectural design and, more recently, motorcycle restoration.

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Nathan Buhler

Originally from a small logging town in northern British Columbia, Nathan has an extensive background with custom residential design. His love for furniture and intelligently crafted design (especially Canadian design) caused him to seek out a collaborative relationship with Evan and The Bunkie.

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