Visit the models page and choose the Bunkie that best fits your needs. Our sales executives are also available to walk you through selecting phase especially when ordering your custom sizes. You may even request our Bunkie cost calculator to help determine a rough quote for the kit itself. Emails us for more info.


2) get a quote and Place Your Order

Our sales support specialists can assist with a formal quote particular to your selections. Once you have this information, we schedule production and begin discussing installation with you or your contractor.


3) We Build Your Bunkie

The Bunkie is a prefabricated structure with original charm - no finishing or painting is needed. Once your order is placed, our Production Team pre-assembles your Bunkie components at our factory located just north of Toronto, Canada.


4) Prepare Your Property

You will need to prepare your property before installation can begin, but breathe easy - installation of The Bunkie does not require a building permit but you must check with your local zoning by-laws to be sure. Preparing your site is simple; different options are available depending on your property. You can visit our FAQ page for more information.

  • A concrete pad at a depth required by your region to ensure long term durability. Integrated rebar may be required depending on intended long term use.

  • Sonotubes with pressure treated wooden cross members

  • Grade Beams (either concrete curbs or pressure-treated 4x4's on beds of tamped limestone screening)

  • Screw piles with pressure treated wooden cross members


5) Your Bunkie Gets Delivered and Installation Begins

The Bunkie is shipped as a series of pre-assembled components that are fastened together efficiently once on site. Delivery time depends on shipment destination but typically 1 Bunkie will fit inside a 26' straight truck. With the help of our Bunkie installers or your own contractor, a Bunkie can be ready in 4-6 days!